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Asit Baran Pati strategy of buying options

Started by Michael Gonsalves, Oct 24, 2021, 06:03 PM

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Michael Gonsalves

Asit Baran Pati, a well-known trader, has explained in detail the strategy that he adopts for Option Buying and Option Trading in a youtube video released by PayTM Money. He has pointed out that even though the market is generally sideways over the medium time frame, it is volatile over short periods and this provides opportunities for traders who buy options and like to go long.

He also explained that even if the Indices are flat, there is always action happening in stocks. Stocks provide immense opportunity because they are extremely volatile and rise or fall several percentage points in the course of a trading day. Traders who buy Calls or Puts in stocks can make immense sums of money if they get even some part of the direction right.

Asit Baran Pati has also provided valuable guidance on position sizing and risk management.

Michael Gonsalves

There is also an earlier video in which Asit Baran Pati has explained the strategy of BANK NIFTY OPTIONS SCALPING