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ITJEGAN explains Intraday Short Straddle

Started by Michael Gonsalves, Oct 09, 2021, 03:07 AM

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Michael Gonsalves

ITJEGAN, an expert in options trading, has explained important points regarding an Intraday Short Straddle. He has explained concepts such as what is an Intraday straddle and also revealed its backtesting result. He has also emphasized the merits and demerits of Intraday Short Straddles.

Unfortunately, there is not much explanation about how to adjust the straddle when the Indices move violently in one direction or the other.

One way to implement the strategy is to have the "Dumb Straddle" i.e. to have predetermined stop losses of 20% or 30%. I am implementing the Dumb Straddle on a regular basis and am profitable with it.

Another way is to make regular adjustments in the manner explained by Kapil Dhama, an expert. He has also released a detailed video on the subject.