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Options trader P. R. Sundar buys a Mercedes S Class for Rs. 2 Crore

Started by Michael Gonsalves, Oct 09, 2021, 02:40 AM

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Michael Gonsalves

P. R. Sundar, who is regarded as an expert on options trading, has revealed that he has bought the newly introduced Mercedes S class car which costs a fortune of Rs. 2 crore.

He revealed that he intends to fund the purchase of the car through selling straddles and strangles in only two stocks, namely, Adani Enterprises and Adani Ports.

Both stocks are highly volatile and offer very hefty premiums. He described the purchase of the car as "a gift from Adani".

He also explained that his purchase of the car shows that immense wealth can be made from options trading. He termed it "Your FINANCIAL DISCIPLINE Will Gift You YOUR DREAM!"