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Hello Friends. My name is Michael Gonsalves. I have enjoyed reasonable success with Options strategies. I made Rs. 2.5 Cr in FY 2019-20 and Rs. 1.65 Cr till date in FY 2020-21 (see proof). I am eager to learn more and also to impart my learnings to others. If you have any queries, please ask. I will answer soon.

Nifty Calendar strategy for Oct 2021

Started by Michael Gonsalves, Sep 17, 2021, 11:45 PM

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Michael Gonsalves

Normally when the IVs are high,one should not implement the Calendar strategy. This is because if the IVs cool down, the long legs will lose value and show a loss.

However, I decided to do a part of the quantity today itself.

I bought the 17700CE of October & sold the 17600 and 17650 CEs of 23rd Sept.

Michael Gonsalves

To salvage the situation caused by the rise in volatility and the plunge in the Nifty, i sold 20 lots of the 17700CE of the 23rd SEP expiry. I will also roll down the 16600 and 16650 CEs.

Michael Gonsalves

The naked short sale of 17700CE backfired on me because the Nifty surged to 17800+. I moved from 17700 to 17750 and salvaged the situation to some extent. I booked a gain of Rs 80000.

I also had an Iron Fly in the Bank Nifty which yielded a gain of Rs 104000.