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Calendar Options strategy in the Nifty for the week ended 9th Sept

Started by Michael Gonsalves, Sep 04, 2021, 01:03 AM

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Michael Gonsalves

The Calendar Options strategy is also a relatively easy strategy to manage if the markets are not very turbulent.

I created a spread in the Nifty at 17250 and added another at 17300.

At the EOD, the strategy has yielded a gain of 1.69%.

The gains are quite hefty if the Nifty settles between 17099 to 17487. The ViX should either remain stable or rise but no fall dramatically.

Michael Gonsalves

The Nifty Calendar Options strategy is presently at a profit of Rs. 78000 which is nearly 4% of the capital. It is time to book profits and shift the entire calendar to next week & month.

Michael Gonsalves

After yesterday's expiry (9th September), the profits stand at Rs. 1.23 lakh. I have rolled over the short options to 17400 and 17450 of next week's (16th September) expiry.

Michael Gonsalves

I closed the position today for a profit of 1,18,000. I did this because there were too many strikes and I was losing track of what was going on. I will enter new positions with the freed capital.