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Introduction to myself and my strategies

Started by Michael Gonsalves, Aug 23, 2021, 03:04 AM

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Michael Gonsalves

Aug 23, 2021, 03:04 AM Last Edit: Oct 02, 2021, 02:55 AM by Michael Gonsalves Reason: updated profit for Sept 2021
Hello Friends,

Welcome to my forum. I am both, a long-term investor as well as a short-term trader. Some of my long-term holdings include Bajaj Finance (19000 shares) and J. B. Chemicals (15000 shares) which I have held for several decades now. I bought these stocks for a petty amount and they are now a large part of my net worth.

I also enjoy short-term trading through Futures and Options.

Some of my favourite strategies include the Iron Fly, Ratio Spreads, Covered Calls and the Cash Secured Puts strategies.

These are easy to implement and relatively easy to adjust, when things go wrong.

So far, I have enjoyed good success with the Options strategies.

In the FY 2019-20, I was able to make a profit of Rs. 2.5 Cr. In the FY 2019-20, I have (till August 2021) made Rs. 1.35 Cr. The gain as of 30th September 2021 is Rs. 1.86 Cr

I am now eager to learn more and to further refine my skills so that my success rate increases.

I am also eager to share my learning with my brothers and sisters so that they can also enjoy similar, if not better, levels of success.